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Perspirology is a full-body, musically driven, sweat inducing workout that will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Ever evolving, Perspirology specializes in TRAMPOLINE and DANCE-BASED workouts. From shorter, targeted workouts to joining in on a full-length studio class, we have it all!
Just be prepared, because with Perspirology, sweating is INEVITABLE!

  • Tutorials
    10 videos


    10 videos

    These videos help breakdown / teach a variety of our dance cardio combinations, as well as other aspects of the Perspirology workout.

    20 videos


    20 videos

    Our Mix & Match section provides a variety of different videos targeting specific areas of the body. Interested in doing only Arms? Here you can find videos just for that! Legs? No problem! Let the exploring begin!

  • Past Toning Express Classes

    20 videos

    Toning Express is 45 minutes of straight toning! No cardio, but be warned, this little ditty packs a punch!

  • Past BounceCircuit Classes

    19 videos

    Our BounceCircuit class will take you through our signature trampoline cardio, followed by a different circuit every class!

  • Past BounceLab Classes

    18 videos

    Bounce your worries away on Perspirology's signature trampoline class. BounceLab includes 30 minutes of trampoline cardio and 30 minutes of trampoline toning.

  • Past BURN Classes

    20 videos

    BURN is 45 minute dance aerobics, followed by 15 minutes of full body toning.

  • Past Fundamentals

    19 videos

    This class is perfect for beginners, or those looking for more toning and less cardio.

  • Past AP Classes
    19 videos

    Past AP Classes

    19 videos

    Our AP Class is designed for clients who are capable of more rigorous and intense training sessions. These classes will be less "dance intensive" and more "strength intensive."